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Since its establishment in 1998, the National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC) has successfully divested lands and housing units, securing titles for over 12,000 Jamaicans islandwide.
In an interview with JIS News, Joseph Shoucair, Acting Managing Director of the NHDC, noted that over the period March to September 2005, the NHDC secured 2,918 titles for distribution. “This was important for purchasers, who needed their titles in order to get funding to pay for their lots,” he said.
Of the 2,918 titles, 280 were obtained for units in the St. Benedict’s Heights project; 252 for units in Hermitage; 269 in Hague Cave Island; 82 in Lower Works; 56 in Port Royal and 1,023 in the Retirement II and Meadowsvale housing projects. Additionally, 128 titles were obtained for the Pitfour venture; 464 for Portmore Villas II; 171 for the Whitehouse; 90 for Vineyard and 103 for Whitehall.
Although the NHDC has secured the titles for properties, many homeowners may not receive their documents for quite some time. Explaining, Mr. Shoucair said that some of the owners made their purchases through building societies or other such institutions and as such, the titles were forwarded to these institutions, which will then pay the NHDC.
“What we do is transfer the titles to John Brown. John Brown then gives a mortgage to the National Housing Trust (NHT), NHT sends us the money and we send NHT the title,” he told JIS News.
He noted however, that the landowner would receive a copy of the title while the mortgage company would keep the actual document and once all the payments have been made, the original title would be delivered to the landowner.
The acquisition and subsequent distribution of titles is part of the Housing Ministry’s plan of providing security of tenure for residents and fostering the creation of stable communities through pride of ownership. During this process occupants are trained and assisted to manage and maintain their properties.

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