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The Meteorological Service has advised The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), that conditions will begin to deteriorate rapidly along the coastline as Hurricane Ivan begins to move towards the island. Persons living in flood prone and coastal areas including the North Coast must move to safety now.
Once tropical storm force winds begin any outdoor activity will be dangerous. Persons are therefore asked to stay inside.
The following Parish Emergency Operations Centers have been relocated:
St. Ann – The St. Ann Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been relocated at the Police Headquarters in St. Ann’s Bay.
The numbers are: 972-2331, 794-8154, 909-4469
St. Elizabeth – The St. Elizabeth EOC has been relocated to the Black River Primary School
The numbers are: 634-4505, 634-4506
All other parish EOCs are located at their Parish Council Offices islandwide.
The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) can be reached at 928-5111-4.
The public is advised to wait for the all clear signal from the NEOC before venturing outside after the Hurricane has passed. Remember not to venture out during the quiet period (the eye of the storm) as hurricane force winds will be coming from the opposite direction rapidly.
Media Houses are being asked to use information in their media kits to provide ongoing precautionary measures to the public.
Below is a list of Emergency numbers and Parish Disaster Emergency Operations Centres:
1. Rescue – 119 or nearest Fire or Police Station
2. ODPEM – 928-5111-4
3. The Parish Emergency Operations Centres

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