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Jamaica’s newly appointed High Commissioner to Canada, Mrs. Sheila Sealy Monteith, has pledged to work with all the Jamaican agencies in Canada for the betterment of Jamaica.
The High Commissioner was speaking recently with members of staff of the Jamaican Consulate General, Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), Jamaica Information Service (JIS) and Jampro, at the Consulate in Toronto.
“Jamaica is our country and we have to work to make it better. I commit to you my support. I commit to you my willingness to work. I commit to you my willingness to learn. All of us have a responsibility for growing where we have been planted and what will help us in doing that is when we put our hands and heads together in a unified, coordinated effort,” the High Commissioner said.
Mrs. Sealy Monteith, who assumed duties on Monday, February 15 at the Jamaica High Commissioner in Ottawa, is a seasoned foreign service officer, who has spent 23 years with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT). She previously served as Ambassador to Mexico, with responsibility for seven other countries.
Noting that her new post will be a demanding one, the High Commissioner said she was struck by the large number of Jamaicans, who call Canada home.
“I had on my official list in the embassy in Mexico, the names of less than 100 Jamaicans. So when I am reading my briefings and I hear 250,000 to 300,000 in Toronto and 10,000 to 12,000 in Ottawa and 7,000 in Montreal, I think oh my goodness, what a difference,” she remarked.
High Commissioner Sealy Monteith paid tribute to former Jamaican High Commissioners and Consuls General who served in Canada.
“We are simply part of the continuum. We are simply here to build on what was done before us and take it another step further,” she stated.
The High Commissioner also lauded Jamaicans living overseas, noting that they do double duty, by not only building the country in which they are now resident, but also “working to build Jamaica. That’s an enormous responsibility.”
The heads of the various agencies brought the High Commissioner up to date on their activities in Canada.

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