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The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has now joined the Government’s growing communications links with the public through the launch of its website at www.opm.gov.jm
Coming one year after the launching of the Prime Minister’s radio programme, “Jamaica House Live”, the new website delivers frequent updates on the activities and statements of the PM, as well as State projects that are specific to the OPM.
The site is designed to be a useful research tool for students, the public and journalists. It includes texts of Prime Minister Golding’s major speeches, photographs of State and Official visits and important community activities. Journalists will be able to subscribe as users of the site and receive all news releases and photos as they become available.
General users will be able to verify the holders of National Honours and their rank on-site and be informed of the proper form of addressing persons holding various titles. Also included will be a portal for persons who wish to be guided on the use of the national symbols.
For lovers of history, particular/special areas of the historic Jamaica House are pictured in a photographic tour.
The work of the Jamaica Early Childhood Development Foundation, a project of the wife of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Mrs. Lorna Golding, is also featured.
Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Patricia Sinclair McCalla says, “This website will provide a broad perspective on the work of the Office of the Prime Minister, its Departments and Agencies – thus enabling the public to have a better appreciation of the vast range of issues spanning the work of the Ministry. Critical information on policies, projects and programmes of the Government will be highlighted and updated regularly. Essentially, we hope to demystify the work of the Office of the Prime Minister as we share information in an open and transparent manner”.
The aims and objectives of key projects of the OPM-National Transformation Programme, Constituency Development Fund and the Planning and Development Division, are all featured on the OPM website.
Highlights of the Prime Minister’s radio programme, Jamaica House Live can be replayed at any time via a link on the front page of the site.

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