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New traffic arrangements will come into effect along the Portmore leg of Highway 2000 in St. Catherine, on August 27, in a bid to ease congestion during the morning and evening peak hours.
Operations and Maintenance Manager at Jamaica Infrastructure Operator Limited (JIO), Desmond Levy, explained that it is proposed to open the three Kingston-bound lanes on weekday mornings, between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and, correspondingly, one lane for Portmore-bound traffic.
Mr. Levy was speaking at a meeting of stakeholders at the Toll Authority’s Portmore office, on August 21.
He expressed the hope that with the new 2010/11 academic year scheduled to begin in two weeks, the arrangements will address the attendant chronic traffic challenges.
Mr. Levy pointed out that the Police have undertaken to give more assistance with the changes.
The arrangements will coincide with the completion of Phase I work being undertaken along the corridor by developer, French firm, Bouygues, to correct a depression in the vicinity of the Kingston port. The job is scheduled to be completed on August 31, with Phase II slated to begin on August 27, and end in December.
Technical Manager at the National Road Operating and Constructing Limited (NROCC), Desmond Martin said the work is being undertaken by the firm at no cost to the country.
Work is currently being carried out on the eastbound section of the carriageway, which has resulted in the westbound segment being converted into a two-way corridor. The order will reverse on the commencement of Phase II.
Mr. Martin said the new arrangements being proposed “is really to have three lanes going into Kingston in the morning peak period.”
“This, we think, will make a significant improvement to the congestion that is caused in the morning, and with that, we will have one lane going into Portmore during that time. After the morning peak, then the arrangement will revert to the original arrangement, where you will have two lanes going in both directions,” Mr. Martin said.

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