JIS News

The Police is reporting a new thrust to crack down on bicycle thieves during the festive season.
The operation began two weeks ago, and according to Deputy Superintendent, Clement Logan, the effort is expected to reap some measure of success.
Speaking with JIS News, the Deputy Superintendent said that although no one has yet been arrested and no bicycle seized, he was fully aware that the thieves would be out in their numbers this season. Nevertheless, he is encouraging all to be alert and to be on the look out for them. “They love places like matter where they come from, they must come into Half-Way-Tree,” he noted.
For that reason, he pointed out that, “the Police have set up border patrols in St. Andrew South and Central and Kingston West to nab them going in or coming out”.
Mr. Logan said that efforts at policing these areas have been working well and plans are in place to extend the drive to other areas. “Now that we have established an understanding at the borders, we will now move to the interior,” he added.
He warned would-be offenders that once they are identified, they would be jailed and their bicycles confiscated.

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