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    The Prince of Wales’ Peace Cup Community Football was launched by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales on the grounds of King’s House yesterday.
    The sport initiative is spearheaded by the group, the Beacons of Peace and Achievement (BPA), which is an internationally affiliated NGO led by inner-city youth who are determined to establish peace in their communities.
    Prince Charles, Prince of Wales said he was immensely pleased to see the establishment of the event.
    “I remember being asked about it years ago, and it seemed to me such a wonderful way to show that people were able to use sport as a means of helping to overcome conflict, misunderstanding, prejudice, disagreement, all these things,” he told persons at the launch.
    The Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, said, in an interview with JIS, that she welcomed the initiative and looked forward to seeing it replicated islandwide. She said the Ministry was committed to using Sports as an agent of peace.
    “We are developing a new Sports policy, we have set up a task force to develop a very comprehensive Sports policy, and part of that policy is to encourage such initiatives community by community, organization by organization,” the Minister said.
    Parliamentary secretary in the Ministry Senator Warren Newby said it was difficult for sporting initiatives to fail in Jamaica because the public has a great appreciation for Sports. He noted that this widespread interest made Sports an appropriate avenue through which peace could be established.
    “Communities that are traditionally adverse to each other, as long as football, netball or basketball is being played, the arms are thrown down and they come together around the sporting events”, he said.
    The Prince of Wales was given the opportunity to draw the ticket for the parish where the first set of games will be held. The honour went to St. Elizabeth.
    Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall are on an official visit to Jamaica.

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