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Construction of the new Falmouth Police Station in Trelawny is far advanced and should be completed by January 2007.
Project Manager in the Ministry of National Security, with responsibility for the maintenance and upgrading of police stations, Willie Taylor, told JIS News that, “construction is proceeding at a pace where the main building is roughly 30 to 40 per cent complete and the barracks area is about 85 per cent complete”.
“The designs for services such as electricity, telephone, water and sewage have been done and approved,” he added.
Citing Cricket World Cup 2007 to be held at the new Stadium in Trelawny, he said it was necessary to have the Falmouth Police Station ready at that time, as the event was expected to create a demand on the resources of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
“The residents in and around Falmouth will have for themselves, a new station and a more comfortable environment for the police, notwithstanding that Cricket World Cup is taking place. The need for a new station has long been around, and the Government has seen it fit to put this into effect and to satisfy both the needs of the community as well as those for Cricket World Cup,” he said.
Mr. Taylor said that a Task Force has been working assiduously to meet the project deadline, noting that materials were brought in to facilitate the work from Sundays to Mondays in some cases, and that all the agencies involved with the project were making every effort to ensure a successful completion.
“We see January 2007 as a necessary deadline and all the agencies have bought into it, and it is expected that this will be to the satisfaction of the country in general, the Police Force in particular, and all of us who are interested in progress for the welfare of the country,” he said.

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