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A new classroom block costing more than $1 million has been opened at the Mineral Heights Primary School in Clarendon.
The classrooms, which were officially opened on February 24, will accommodate over 250 Grade Three students.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Director of Region Six in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, Dr. Fitz Russell pointed out that education was a joint initiative between parent and teacher.
“The important thing is that we all need to recognise that education is a joint responsibility,” he emphasized.
He encouraged the parents to provide support for their children by preparing them to attend school, teaching them social skills, providing educational material, and teaching them how to study.
The Mineral Heights Primary School has a population of approximately 1,500 students.
In addition to Mineral Heights, the school also serves the communities of New Bowens, Halse Hall, Hunts Pen, Curatoe Hill and May Pen.

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