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Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Leon Rose, has said that vibrant neighbourhoods are the nation’s best defence against the scourge of crime and violence.
He was speaking at the 19th staging of the Neighbourhood Watch conference on November 4, at the University of Technology in Kingston. According to ACP Rose, crime dissolves the bond of community experience, creates isolation and mistrust that deprives a community of its civic life blood, including the eagerness of the residents to volunteer for the common good and take active roles in community life. He further noted that in law enforcement, public partnership and participation was vital and “the main hope for sustaining public safety and community development”.
“As we move towards empowering communities, it is critical that the neighbourhood watch movement recognizes that it has the capacity to be an influential partner in public policy issues and champion causes within the criminal justice system and the social order without being partisan,” he asserted. ACP Rose further maintained that the group must be able to add its voice to the legislative agenda, the Values and Attitudes campaign, environmental issues, reproductive health, and community development, with specific emphasis on youth development and training.
Commending the success of neighbourhood watch groups in helping to prevent crime, Facilities Manager at Digicel Jamaica, Donovan Betancourt, announced that the company would donate call credit to approved neighbourhood watch groups, and refurbish all neighourhood watch signs across the island.

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