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The National Council on Technical, Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) continues to place focus on the need for certification within the Jamaican workforce, with the staging of a standards development seminar on Tuesday (Oct. 24) at the Half Moon Hotel in Montego Bay.
Several employers, employees, trainees and students from the city attended the one-day seminar, which focused on the skill areas of building and construction, beauty services, tourism and hospitality, information technology and communication, automotive services and photography.
The seminar, which was held under the theme: ‘Enhancing a quality workforce through standards and certification’, is part of a series being held across the island.
According to Information and Promotions Officer with NCTVET, Marjorie Barrett, “we are aware that there are so many persons on the job, who are not certified, and so this initiative was to actually invite persons, who work within the Montego Bay area, to come to hear about the value of certification, and how this can be achieved through what we call standards development, which is really benchmarking workplace standards against international standards”.
She said that “ultimately, having achieved the standards and having the competencies to perform on the job, you can actually receive certification”.
Director of the Standards and Assessment Development Unit, Ludlow Thompson, who spoke on the ‘business benefits of standards and certification’, emphasized that the world was being driven by standards.
“Standards are being used as strategic management tools, not only at the corporate level to maintain economic competitiveness, but between nations, and in the World Trade Organization for example”, he stated.
Encouraging workers to get certified, Mr. Thompson said that achieving certification in a particular field of work, served as an instrument of negotiation.
He noted further that because customers demanded certain standards, certification would show that workers were qualified to meet customer expectations.

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