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In the wake of the Tsunami disaster in Southern Asia, the National Council of Jamaicans and Supportive Organizations in Canada (NCJSOC) has appealed to its 35-member associations across Canada to give generously to disaster relief agencies in their communities.
Speaking to JIS News, President of the organization, Jamaican-born Olive Steele expressed sadness and regret at the Tsunami disaster that has claimed the lives of over 150,000 persons in Asia and parts of Africa.
“On behalf of the members of the National Council, I would like to offer condolences to the victims and their families and friends here in Canada,” said Mrs. Steele. “Everyone has been adversely affected by what happened there on Boxing Day. The loss of lives, the pain and utter desolation will haunt us for a long time,” she added.
The member organizations of the National Council are situated in major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. Mrs. Steele commended those Canadians who had already opened their hearts and pockets, pledging millions of dollars in response to the disaster.
The President also lauded the Federal and Provincial governments for their relief efforts and the assistance being given to the victims, especially for taking the initiative to fast track the reunification of affected families in Canada.
The NCJSOC has supported other relief efforts in the past, including Jamaica’s Hurricane Ivan relief fund.
Formed some 17 years ago, the NCJSOC is an umbrella organization for 35 Jamaican/Caribbean associations across Canada. Its primary purpose is “to help identify and respond to the needs of Jamaican/Canadians and other racial minorities, and act as a co-ordinating and resource facilitator on public policy and other matters affecting its membership”.

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