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Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, has informed that the Ministry is working with the security forces to implement a multi- dimensional response to the crime problem, and within the next few days, will be addressing the nation to provide a full account of the strategies that will be employed.
The Minister made this announcement during a statement in the Senate today (May 30).
He said that the Government is fully aware that it must seek to address the deep social maladies underlying the current crime problem, and is moving quickly to implement a comprehensive social and intervention programme in vulnerable and volatile communities.
“The Peace Management Initiative has already been mobilized in several communities and there is an accelerated deployment of our security forces,” Senator MacMillan stated.
He pointed out that the security forces have been overtaxed for some time now, and the most recent upsurge in violence is stretching the limits of their ability to respond to the crisis.
According to Senator MacMillan, the state will not allow itself to be overrun by criminal elements, who have been operating with “impunity for far so long.”
“Regardless of where you live and to whom you are affiliated, we will be leaving no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators of violence to justice. Let me appeal to all Jamaicans to set aside their differences and come together to save the lives of our citizens, who are being killed. The security forces are depending on all of us to play our part,” he stated.
Since the beginning of May, 181 Jamaicans have been murdered, with an average of six persons being killed each day. Most of the killings have stemmed from conflict between some of the more than 125 gangs that are presently operating throughout the country, and reprisal actions from inter-gang warfare.

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