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Security Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips called for the development of international protocol as it relates to the deportation of persons, who have been convicted of criminal offences.
The Minister told a meeting of media, community and business leaders at the Jamaican High Commission in London yesterday (Sept. 22), that this was one of the issues that would be discussed with Minister of State with responsibility for Immigration, Citizenship and Nationality, Tony McNulty, when they meet later today.
“We continue to stress that there is a need for some protocol, some general agreement to govern this particular aspect of our relationship. While we are very cognisant of our obligations under international law to accept those who are demonstratively citizens of Jamaica, we keep stressing the point that it is illusory to think that the removal of the persons from one jurisdiction to another removes the problem you are trying to address,” Minister Phillips said.
He noted that the cross border nature of crime meant that criminal networks could be maintained via the internet or cell phones, thus the need to look at the fundamental problems including issues of economic opportunity and general social services.
“It makes no sense really to transfer persons who engage in illegal criminal activities from what is a more secure environment to what is a less secure environment hoping that it will mean that you are creating greater security for yourself. There are other issues that have to be addressed to deal with this problem,” the Minister stated.
He noted that CARICOM would also be tackling the issue of deportation.
Dr. Phillips, who is in London this week on official business, met with a number of government officials and representatives of funding agencies, to discuss security issues. He is expected to address the Wilton Park Conference on Sunday, where he will speak on ‘Security and Prosperity for the Caribbean.
“We believe in link between security and prosperity,” he told Thursday’s meeting. “The more secure your environment, the easier it is to create the environment for prosperity, while the more prosperity you have, the easier it is to deliver more investment for national development. Essentially, security has to be seen as fundamental to development,” Dr. Phillips stated.

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