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The 16th annual national prayer vigil will be held on Sunday, December 9 at the Bread of Life Ministry in Linstead, St. Catherine from 7:00 pm to 10: 00 pm.
The event, which will be held under the theme: ‘Justice, Unity, Peace and Healing,’ was launched yesterday (Nov. 30) at King’s House. This year’s event is being hosted by the Linstead Ministers Fraternal under the patronage of Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Sir Kenneth Hall. According to Rev. Denzil Jack, Chairman of the Linstead Ministers Fraternal, the prayer vigil will be engaging, with members of several communities participating. “We will be engaging the problematic communities like East Avenue, Commodore and Princess Field,” he explained.
“We are sending teams into these areas to have dialogue with persons. We don’t only want to be praying for them but we want to pray with them. We believe that under God, that this national prayer vigil is going to be the catalyst for the changes that we want to see in the Linstead environment,” Rev. Jack stated.
He urged residents of Linstead and the entire Jamaica to support the prayer vigil.
“I want to say to all of Jamaica and persons within the Linstead environment that this is a wonderful time to come together especially when our nation is bleeding, to join hands together and seek the Almighty’s face and ask him to hear our prayers and heal our land,” he appealed.
“This is a wonderful time to come together and show solidarity and unity, oneness under God, as we pray together. A nation that prays together, stays together,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Rev. Osbourne Hyman of the Linstead Ministers Fraternal, said that there has been an “overwhelming response” to the event, with more than 16 churches from different denominations slated to participate.
Chairman of the National Prayer Vigil Committee, Rev. Dr. Roy Henry, explained that the annual prayer vigil originated from the need to call on God to stop the hemorrhaging, division, hate and bitterness taking place in the country.
“We believe that under God, there is going to be a change and we hope that after the vigil there will be this change of life,” he stated. The proceeds of the National Prayer Vigil will go towards constructing a home for an elderly lady in the Linstead community.

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