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A National Prayer Vigil will be held on Sunday, December 10 at King’s House.
This was announced today (November 30), by the National Prayer Vigil Committee, at a press briefing at King’s House.
Chairman of the Committee, Reverend Dr. Roy Henry urged Jamaicans to join the Committee on that day in prayer, between 9:00 p.m. and 12 midnight, to invite God’s blessing on the nation.
“We need to bring back some sobriety to our nation; some community spirit and peace. We hear the cry and we see the wounded; therefore, Jamaicans are being called upon to be at prayer. We hope that this vigil will bring the healing and the justice that we want to see taking place in Jamaica. We want to see the peace and unity, which we so badly need,” he said.
Providing an overview of the vigil, Rev. Henry pointed out that the event was started some 14 years ago, out of concern at the unacceptable level of crime and violence in the society.
The first vigil, he informed, which was held at King’s House, was very successful, and following positive feedback from the public, it was decided to make the vigil a national event.
The Chairman said the committee has been working on a number of projects to aid in the improvement of the lives of Jamaicans.
At present, the committee is in the process of helping to provide a renotran machine for the renal unit of the Kingston Public Hospital. He pointed out that the committee has already collected $562,000 of the $1 million that is needed to procure the equipment, and it is hoped that the Hospital would provide the rest of the funding.
The theme for the vigil this year is: ‘Justice, Unity, Peace and Healing’.

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