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The National Land Agency (NLA), is currently staging a series of road shows, aimed at sensitising individuals on the importance of securing a registered title for property owned, and the crucial role the document plays where initiatives, such agricultural expansion, and other undertakings, are being contemplated.
The NLA initiative is also aimed at increasing the number of property owners, currently without a registered title, thereby formalising their holdings. Apart from the sensitisation effort, the road shows also feature title handing over ceremonies, which sees beneficiaries of government-owned land settlements receiving titles for their properties.
Manager of Business Services at the NLA, Karen Edwards, told JIS News at the recent Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show in Clarendon, that the agency was seeking to improve the turnaround time for provision of titles to applicants. She said that in so doing, the agency hopes to further enhance its contribution to the agricultural sector.
“We have played a vital role in agriculture. Without land there is no agriculture, and that is where we come in. At our Estate Division, which is responsible for Crown properties, we have a programme there where we lease Government land for agricultural purposes. If you identify a property, and it is available as a government-owned land for lease, depending on the type of crop that you want to farm on that property, you come into our Estate Management Division and we take the process from there,” Ms. Edwards informed.
She said that persons in possession of a registered title are able to use it in financial transactions, as it indicates clear ownership of the property.
“The main importance is that, this is the document that is showing who the property belongs to, no one can dispute ownership of that property. So if you have a title with your name on it, no one can take you to court and prove that it belongs to them. Secondly, the title can be used as collateral, and many financial institutions readily accept a title to a property, because that is, clearly, a good guarantee that they can secure the funds that they loan to expand a farm,” the NLA official informed.
To date, road shows have been held in St. James, Manchester, St. Elizabeth, and Trelawny. The next road show is scheduled for St. Catherine later this month. Shows are also scheduled for St. Thomas and Clarendon in September.