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With the theme, ‘World Food Security: The Challenges of Climate Change and Bio-energy’, World Food Day will be observed with a Farmer’s Forum by the Ministry of Agriculture on October 16, at Manchester High School.
The day’s activities will also include an official ceremony, followed by an exhibition and awards.
World Food Day, provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of agriculture and addresses challenges to be overcome, to increase productivity and reduce hunger.
The Farmers’ Forum will take the form of a panel discussion where presentations will be made on food security, climate change and bio-energy. Some 15 awards will be issued in special categories.
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), bronze medals will be given to individuals, companies and associations that have made significant contributions to this year’s theme. Awards will also be made to schools, which have outstanding school garden programmes, and persons with well established backyard gardens.
Work relevant to the theme, local products and culinary delights will be on display out the exhibition. The on-going programme by the Ministry of Agriculture sustains the concept of World Food Day, with its emphasis on encouraging Jamaicans to grow and eat more local foods.