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Member of Parliament for North West St. Elizabeth and State Minister for Agriculture, Hon. J.C. Hutchinson, has projected that Maggotty’s new sausage factory will be of tremendous benefit to agricultural producers in the area.
“The factory will employ a number of persons in the area and, on top of that, it is going to provide an outlet for meat products, sheep, pigs, chicken and cows. Farmers in the area will not be bringing their products to the factory, it is going to come through an abattoir which a private investor is setting up,” Mr. Hutchinson announced.
He also stated that, in a few months, a grading and packaging facility will be established at the Maggotty market, to enhance the marketing of farmers’ produce in the constituency.

Students of the Glen Stuart Primary School performing for guests attending last week-end’s dedication of the new health clinic and sausage factory at the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church complex in Maggotty, St. Elizabeth.

The sausage factory, built at a cost of over $53 million, forms part of the Holy Spirit Complex in St. Elizabeth. The complex was developed by Polish Roman Catholic Priest, Father Marek Bzinkowski, who has been assigned to the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church in Maggotty for the past 10 years.
The complex also includes his residence, male and female dormitories, the church, a health clinic, a community centre, library, homework centre, residence for nuns, classrooms and a computer centre outfitted with 15 computers.
Father Bzinkowski said that the facilities are geared to provide opportunities for the people in the community.
“Ten years ago, when I arrived in Jamaica, we saw the need in the community and decided that it was the best way to respond. We started with an educational programme for the children and adults, then we began the clinic to provide health care for the people of the community, and now we have the sausage factory: It will provide about 200 jobs and help the local farmers,” Father Bzinkowski noted.

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