JIS News

Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, has informed that the Ministry would be moving to improve the integrity of the motor vehicle inspection service.
“There will be the automation of the motor vehicle inspection service. New equipment and methods of testing, using even newer technologies, will be introduced. Efforts will be made to reduce, as much as possible, the human element in the testing process,” the Minister said.
Mr. Henry was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday (September 30).
The Minister pointed out that the Road Traffic Act is being amended, to make the Island Transport Authority a statutory body with a Board of Directors.
“The Bill, which is entitled, an Act to amend the Road Traffic Act, will soon be presented to the Cabinet, seeking its approval to lay the Bill in the Houses of Parliament,” Mr. Henry said.
Other proposed amendments to the Road Traffic Act include mandatory driver re-education for traffic offenders, at the discretion of the Court, and obligatory re-certification of all holders of a driver’s licence, at intervals of 15 years after issue.
Mr. Henry also noted that the Ministry has re-established the Legislation Revision Committee, to undertake a review of the Road Traffic Act Regulations of 1938.