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Director of Project Management and Technical Services at the Ministry of Education and Youth, Lauriston Wilson, has informed that in another 10 weeks, repairs would be completed on most of the schools that were identified as needing critical attention.
He told JIS News, that of the 84 schools that were identified to undergo repairs during the course of this term, contracts have already been awarded for 50, while 13 were awaiting approval from the procurement committee. The contracts for work on the remaining schools have gone out to tender.
“(All) will be in contract by the end of September and at the same time, we are out to tender for others as we have projected to do approximately 300 schools this (financial) year.and we are doing it in stages as we go along,” he stated.
“Though we use the term ‘critical’ he explained, “many of them did not have any areas, which prevented them from reopening for the start of the new school year. “Some,” he pointed out, “were general repairs”.
Mr. Wilson said that while the schools identified may have other areas in need of repairs, focus was being placed on the areas of sanitation and water as a matter of priority, after which other repairs would be undertaken.
“The time for completion will vary from three up to 10 weeks in some cases depending on the extent of the work that is necessary but the critical areas, that of sanitation and water, were first addressed after which we will deal with other areas that will not prohibit or inhibit the use of the school,” he stated.
The repairs to the 84 schools are being undertaken at a cost of $94.5 million under the Education Transformation Initiative.

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