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The Hanover Parish Council has reported that most of the roads in the parish have been cleared of fallen trees and other debris from Hurricane Ivan and were now open to vehicular traffic.
Alfred Graham, Secretary/Manager of the Council, told JIS News, that the Ginger Hill road in the Riverside/Kingsvale area, which was blocked by landslide, was still impassable. “This is going to take a major effort to have this road cleared”, he said, adding that an assessment was being done with a view to dealing with that roadway as quickly as possible.
He said that persons in the affected communities had cleared most of the road blockages but a more detailed cleaning up effort was being carried out by teams of workmen mobilized by the councillors from the various divisions.
Mr. Graham also informed that a number of Parish Council-owned buildings suffered damage during the hurricane, including the office from which the Emergency Operating Centre (EOC) was operated. The building suffered water damage after rainfall seeped through the windows.
The Secretary /Manager also made a plea for civic minded persons to come out to help with the relief effort during the post hurricane period.
He informed that persons wishing to volunteer could contact the EOC at the Hanover Parish Council Offices, Bustamante Square, Lucea.

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