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More positive voices are needed in the society, to highlight the country’s achievements and to uplift communities.
This was emphasised by Reverend Dr. Orville Neil, of the Church Without Walls, Oxford Road, Kingston, as he delivered the sermon at the recent St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation’s Service of Thanksgiving, held at the Barbary Hall Anglican Church.
“When the things that are truly noble, uplifting and pure, are fast disappearing from the Jamaican landscape, we so desperately need to hear voices in our country, which will lift our people. Our popular music in Jamaica may be entertaining with all the latest dance moves, but is certainly not uplifting and ennobling,” he said.
Dr. Neil pointed out that negative talks and reports are drowning the many good things that are happening in the society, and causing persons to despair and feel that hope is lost for them.
“The parish of St. Elizabeth continues to be a ray of hope and an oasis in the midst of disenchantment in the society. The outstanding feature of the Homecoming Foundation, over the years, lies in the fact that it has been a people movement, a movement of concerned citizens working together for the betterment of the parish. It is time for persons and community groups to come together, by pooling resources to accomplish communal objectives,” he said.
He commended the farmers in St. Elizabeth for not giving up on agriculture, pointing out that without a strong agricultural base, any form of prosperity would not last. He suggested that the parish should be used as a model for the rest of the society.
“We need to remind ourselves that the great nations of the world became prosperous, because they made themselves sufficient in agriculture. Clearly, what is needed in Jamaica today is for more ambassadors of hope. We need to stir and build hope in the hearts of our fellow Jamaicans, once again,” Dr. Neil said.

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