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The Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC) has formed a partnership with the Rural Enterprise, Agriculture and Community Tourism Programme (REACT), in order to provide additional training and assistance to aspiring business owners in rural communities across Jamaica.
The information is contained in a Ministry Paper tabled in the House of Representatives this week by Minister of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce, Phillip Paulwell.
The intervention by the JBDC will see entrepreneurs in various communities throughout the island receiving training in business development, where they will be exposed to the elements of business planning, the legal requirements for operating a business in Jamaica, and provided with information on lending agencies that can provide loan capital for startup.
Technical assistance will also be provided, while viable enterprises will be overseen by the programme for a period of six months, to lessen business failure in the startup stages.
The REACT programme, which started in 2005, has the goal of reducing poverty and spurring economic growth through the development of environmentally sound rural enterprises.
One of the programme’s main objectives is to expand business linkages between agricultural producers and processors, and agribusiness and tourism.

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