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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding says that he is encouraged by the commitment of the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to give more assistance to the Caribbean and Latin America to reduce piracy and gun and drug running through the region’s waters.
Speaking following a Plenary session during the 5th Summit of the Americas in Trinidad & Tobago, the Prime Minister said, “We discussed the security issues that affect the Caribbean particularly as they relate to drug trafficking and President Obama has given us a commitment to strengthen the level of support. He has initially indicated a commitment of US$30M in strengthening security surveillance in the region.”
Describing the discussions as “refreshing”, Mr Golding said that support for trade was also discussed. “We were encouraged by his commitment to strengthen relations with the Caribbean and the need for insistence, on the part of the United States, for special considerations to countries like those in the Caribbean because of their small size, and the likelihood that they could become marginalised in the rush for assistance.
“We discussed with him the need for special arrangements to be put in place for countries like those in the Caribbean to be able to compete locally in strengthening our capacity, improving out competitiveness without sacrificing our social security and poverty reduction programmes.”
The President said that he would be extending an invitation for regional leaders to meet in Washington later this year to continue the discussions, Mr Golding disclosed.
For more information on the Summit, visit http://www.ctntworld.com/site/fifthsummit/http://www.fifthsummitoftheamericas.org/photogallery.aspx

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