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Minister of State with responsibility for Local Government, Hon. Robert Montague, in a tribute to Lady Gladys Bustamante in the House of Representative on Wednesday (July 29), recalled her many visits to his home parish of St. Mary.
“Her association with St. Mary goes back to the 1930s, when she would tell us that, late one Saturday night, herself and Sir Alexander Bustamante went to the Port Maria Tennis Club and were actually refused a drink,” Mr. Montague told the House.
“It was the first time she would claim that she actually got physical, when a man tried to attack Sir Alexander Bustamante, and she had to intervene,” he explained.
He said that she spent many days in St. Mary, on behalf of Sir Alexander Bustamante, and she was also present to unveil a monument erected for four workers who were killed in 1938.
“The parish of St. Mary, my family and indeed everyone in Jamaica mourns the passing of this heroine,” Mr. Montague told the House.
Four workers – Caleb Barrett, Archibald Franklin, Thaddeus Smith and Felix McLeggon – who were killed by police in Islington on Friday, June 3, 1938, during a labour uprsing led by National Hero, the Rt. Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, were honoured by the St. Mary Parish Council, in collaboration with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) on May 30, 2006. Mr. Montague was Mayor of Port Maria at the time.

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