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    The mobile unit of the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ORC) is scheduled to conduct a two-day outreach visit to the town of Mandeville in Manchester, beginning on Tuesday, June 28. The venue will be the Golf View Hotel, which is situated on Caledonia Road.
    Compliance Field Officer with the ORC, Keith Andrade told JIS News that all persons doing any sort of business should come out and meet the visiting team.
    “In particular, company directors, managers, secretaries and accountants should take advantage of this opportunity to file outstanding annual returns and company documents. Remember to present your company’s TRN and individual tax registration numbers and of course, up to three certified passport size photographs,” he said.
    Mr. Andrade pointed out that regardless of the size of the enterprise, each person who conducted any form of buying, selling or exchange of goods and services should do the right thing by filling out the appropriate registration document.
    “This is in keeping with what are the requirements of the law. Given the recent amendments to the Company Act, it is now very easy for one to register as a small sole trader, partnership or even a company. Our staff will be on hand to lend whatever help that you may require to properly file your documents. We even have an express service for those who might need such a facility,” he indicated.
    Mr. Andrade stated that it was not only “recognised businesses” that could make use of the ORC, but even non-governmental organisations or other charitable societies could derive some benefit from registering.
    “At this time of transparency, it is a good thing to be officially recognised and certified, especially when it comes to attracting certain kinds of funding for projects that are to help individuals or groups in the wider society,” he said.
    For further information, interested persons can make contact with the ORC at 908-4419-24.

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