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The Long Pond 4-H Club in Manchester has received a mist blower valued at approximately $30,000. The equipment was handed over to the club on January 26 by State Minister in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Richard Azan.
In his address at the Manchester 4-H Clubs’ Leaders Association meeting, Mr. Azan said it was a good thing for young people to get involved in the activities of a club.
“Most of the problems we are having in schools are (with) those students who are not a part of any club.What we should do is try to encourage those who are not a part of any club, to get involved,” he emphasised.
“I’m very happy that the Long Pond 4-H Club had asked that we try to assist them with this mist blower to help with their project,” he added.
Mr. Azan said the equipment should assist with improving the activities that are being undertaken at Long Pond and in the rest of the parish, “because if you don’t give the tools, you cannot expect to get production”.
Parish Development Officer of the Manchester 4-H Clubs, Malonia Harper said that the donation would benefit more than 3,000 clubbites throughout the parish at its training and development centre.
“On behalf of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and (in particular) the Manchester 4-H Clubs, I would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Azan, because based on what is taking place at the centre now, we are expanding our nursery and our agricultural production, and it is necessary that we have a mist blower at the centre for pest control and for fertilizing the plants,” he said.
Also at the ceremony were 4-H club members from several schools, including Bishop Gibson High, Aenon Town All-age, Grove Town Primary and Sanguinetti Primary School.

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