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The Ministry of Transport and Works is to review the provisions of the Road Traffic Act related to the licensing of motor vehicles, in light of reported discrepancies existing in the process.

Minister of Transport and Works, the Hon Mike Henry, addressing the House of Representatives during his Sectoral Debate presentation on Tuesday (July 27).

Minister of Transport and Works, Hon Michael Henry, revealed during his contribution to the 2010/11 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 27 that his Ministry, in consultation with stakeholders, has unearthed a number of deficiencies.
“Among the critical issues that were identified are the incidents of vehicle theft, duplicate licence plates, counterfeit plates, trafficking of stolen vehicles as vehicles are not easily identifiable by law enforcement officers. It is suspected that a total of 554,000 registered motor vehicles, including privately registered motor vehicles, will be affected,” Mr. Henry said.
He advised that the relevant revisions to the Road Traffic Act should guide the required changes needed to address the problem.
During 2009/10, the Transport Authority intensified its overall regulatory activities from an operational standpoint. A total of 571 major operations were undertaken, representing a five per cent increase over the corresponding period of the previous year.
There was also an 11 per cent increase in prosecutions from operational activities, with 34,758 prosecutions being effected. These resulted in fines of over $33.9 million going into the Consolidated Fund. Additionally, 5,757 seizures were carried out.

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