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A total of 15,000 students at the primary level have been targeted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture to participate in the 2005 Summer Literacy Programme.
“It is going to be an enhanced Summer Literacy Programme, in that there will be a parent education component. Parents will be given guidelines in child rearing practices and we are hoping to give them a package, which will assist them in relating to their children and helping them to do better in their school work,” Deputy Senior Education Officer in the Ministry, Jasper Lawrence told JIS News.
He informed that residential camps would be set up in the six regions in order to facilitate the students who will be participating in the programme.
“Last year we had three residential camps, but this year we will have six residential camps and these camps will be primarily for students in schools where there was not a large number of pupils who did not master the grade four literacy test. So, although there would be few of them in those schools, they will still have the opportunity for some summer literacy intervention at the residential centres,” he explained.
Mr. Lawrence added that the Summer School Programme this year should also see a reduction in the pupil to teacher ratio, and that plans were being put in place to have specially trained teachers to assist in the programme.
“We want to have as some of the teachers, those who are currently undergoing literacy training in most of the teacher training institutions, for example, Moneague College, Bethlehem College and Sam Sharpe College. We will be having some of their second year and final year students participating as well as some of our own teachers in the system,” he said.
Mr. Lawrence said he is appealing to the private sector organizations and the community leaders in the various parishes to support the Summer Literacy Programme and share in the vision for education.

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