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The Ministry of Health has confirmed three imported cases of malaria among members of the Haitian under 7 football1 team who are in the island to participate in CONCACAF. The persons are currently being treated. Other members are displaying symptoms of the illness and are also being treated.

The Ministry has recommended that in the circumstances they do not participate in the tournament and therefore return to Haiti. These arrangements are presently being made.

The Ministry has implemented its surveillance system to be able to quickly identify and treat any other cases.  Vector control measures, including fogging of adult mosquitoes have also been put in place.   

There have been no locally transmitted cases of malaria since the start of the year. 

Malaria is transmitted when a female Anopheles mosquito, infected with a malaria parasite bites an individual. Symptoms include fever, chills and headaches, muscle aches and tiredness.


Issued by: The Ministry of Health

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