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The Ministry of Energy and Mining is inviting the views of the public on-line, about the National Energy Policy, tabled recently in Parliament.
“We have a draft of the policy, but we want to get the feedback from as wide a cross section of Jamaicans. We have posted all five sub-policies on the website to be accessed at: www.mem.gov.jm. Persons can read them, download them if they wish and make their comments. There’s a facility there to send your comments right back to the Ministry,” Director of Energy at the Ministry, Fitzroy Vidal told JIS News in an interview.
He said it is extremely important when crafting public policy to have the widest consultation possible from key stakeholders as well as civil society, non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the private sector and persons involved at the implementation stage.
Mr. Vidal pointed out that when persons go to the website they will find comprehensive documents on each of the subject areas, with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.
The five sub policies are: The Energy from Waste Policy, which looks at using waste matter to produce energy; the Bio-fuels Policy, which looks at fuel derived as a by-product from sugarcane; the Renewable Energy Policy, which focuses on energy sources that are renewable; the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Policy, which takes a hard look at how energy, in all its forms, can be used more efficiently; and the Carbon Emissions Trading Policy, which looks at the arrangement where developed countries have a cap on emissions allowed into the atmosphere.
“What we decided to do is to focus on these as priority areas going forward in implementing the National Energy Policy,” Mr. Vidal explained.
He is also encouraging discussions in schools, church groups, clubs, civic organisations and sporting bodies about the policy.

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