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The Ministry of Education and Youth has earmarked approximately $200 million to undertake critical repairs to schools across the island for the new academic year come September.
Acting Director of Project Management and Technical Services in the Ministry, Lauriston Wilson, told a recent JIS Think Tank that 84 schools have been identified by the regional offices as needing critical repairs in terms of sanitation, water supply and electrical service.
“Approximately 84 schools have been identified as being in need of critical repairs. We have carried out the tendering procedure on all 84 and construction has already started on over 30 of them,” he informed.
Mr. Wilson said that for the remaining schools, “we have carried out the tendering required under the government procurement procedures and some contracts are in place; other bids are being evaluated prior to the awarding of those contracts. We expect all contracts to be awarded by next week”. He noted that while all repairs might not be completed in time for the opening of school, all critical areas should be dealt with before September 4.
“All of the critical areas such as sanitation and water should be in place for the new school year. Other works that are of a less critical nature will be on going. We have to ensure that sanitary facilities meet the required standard and that portable water is available. These are the areas that could encourage the Ministry of Health to close the school,” he informed.
Meanwhile, Mr. Wilson informed that an additional $11 million has been allocated to the regional offices to undertake any minor repairs, which may arise. “They will have funds in place to deal with any critical issues that may also develop, not just for the start of the school year, but also throughout the entire school year,” he said.

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