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KINGSTON — Minister of Transport and Works, Hon Mike Henry, is to address a number of issues raised by taxi operators in Clarendon at a meeting with the Minister at Denbigh High School, on Thursday August 11.

Mr. Henry called the meeting with the transport operators, after they had raised concerns about alleged harassment, including their claim that operators in the parish are being targeted by the Transport Authority.

He said that he is prepared to meet all the taxi associations and operators, personally, to discuss their concerns, as long as their motivation is not political or mischief making.

“I am prepared to deal with these issues, as long as I can separate the mischief from the reality, and mischief can come in many forms and threaten the development of an efficient and reliable public transportation system,” the Minister warned.

Among the issues raised by the Clarendon operators, and which Mr. Henry has agreed to look into are: The question of badges worn by the drivers, and their claim of a $25,000 fine hanging over the heads of those who do not pay up by September first; The question of charges for not wearing the required uniform; The issue of the wearing of seat belts by passengers, for which drivers are being fined; The need for additional road repairs; and, children under five being counted as passengers, although they are not paying commuters.

“All of these issues relating to the taxis and taxi operators associations will be dealt with, ” Mr. Henry assured, after the meeting.

The Minister said his new thrust is to meet with legitimate taxi operators and their associations, to discuss their problems and have them dealt with by the respective agencies of his Ministry.

“All of these issues relating to the taxis and taxi operators associations will be dealt with, as long as they are legitimate and reasonable,” Mr. Henry assured, after the meeting.


By BALFORD HENRY, JIS Reporter & Editor

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