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Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, has called on communities to return to traditional values, where children and the elderly receive support and protection as a cultural norm.

The Minister, who has portfolio responsibility for children, noted that the modern society has departed from traditional values that once held communities together, and that many parents have left their children to learn “alien” values.

Miss Hanna was delivering the keynote address at the 275th anniversary of the Accompong Maroons Treaty, held on January 6, in St. Elizabeth.

The Minister said that too many parents have retreated from parental responsibilities, and urged all adults to take a stand for children and the wider community.

“In many respects, we have to return to our roots to move forward. We can learn a lot from the Ashanti governance structure that sought to ensure that every member of the community was cared for,” the Minister said.

“We can be guided by the Ashanti land rights, based on communal ownership that provided respect, stability and assurance of inheritance to the youth population. Additionally, young people were initiated in a programme that allowed them to understand such Ashanti values as respect for their elders, self respect, and the transfer of power for the continuation of the struggle,” she added.