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The Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports is encouraging the men of our society to be more willing to seek medical advice and attention.
“We need our men to be healthy and enjoy long lives so that they can provide the necessary presence, support and guidance in their capacities as husbands and fathers, something that is so needed to strengthen families in our societies today.”
Minister Grange’s comments came as she officially opened the Eight Caribbean Medical Mission to Jamaica at the Kingston Health which opened at the Duke Street United Church in downtown Kingston this morning.
She said research had indicated that the relative reluctance on the part of men to take care of their health had made it particularly difficult to persuade them to visit the doctor.
Miss Grange reflected on information recently published which indicated it was mostly women and children who attended health facilities.
She noted that it was said that men are hardly seen at health fairs and health promotion activities and the fact that men die at a younger age than women would suggest that men take greater risks with their health.
The Minister quoted the information as saying that men are socialized to be tough, independent, strong and invincible and therefore present a macho facade not wanting to appear weak.
The Information, Culture Youth and Sports Minister, who also has responsibility for Gender Affairs, urged the women present at the opening of the health fair “to make an extra effort to encourage and appeal to your men folk to come out and benefit from the health services being provided by the team of the Caribbean Medical Mission.”
Minister Grange welcomed the medical team members, led by their President, Dr. Rudolph Willis and which is made up of a number of Jamaicans from the Diaspora. She described as invaluable the contribution they had made to the promotion of health for all Jamaicans.
Over the past seven years the health mission has been assisting through the provision of free health care services to poor Jamaicans residing in rural and inner city communities.
The Bureau of Women’s Affairs has been partnering with the Ministry of Health, the Rotary Club of Kingston and the Caribbean Medical Mission in carrying out the exercise.
Islington in St. Mary will be the next stop for the Medical Mission.

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