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In January 2004, the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) will create history on the Jamaican educational landscape, by offering Jamaica’s first online training programme. In fact, MIND will launch its first online course in prototype, by mid-November 2003. Speaking at MIND’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, October 25, Chief Executive Officer, Maria Jones, said that when the prototype is launched later this year, “two courses from the Associate Degree in Management Studies will be delivered free over the Internet, to approximately 190 participants who have agreed to undertake the courses, even as they help to test the various functionalities of the new online mode”.
Additionally, over the next two years, Associate Degrees in Management Studies, Marketing and Public Administration, will be added to Accounting and Human Resource Management, which are presently offered.
“This addition is in keeping with the Institute’s policy decision to help equip public servants especially, to matriculate into Bachelors degrees,” the CEO explained. She also noted that MIND’s Associate Degrees have been deliberately structured to conform to the University of the West Indies matriculation standards.
The graduation ceremony saw students from a number of management and accounting courses receiving diplomas, and certificates.
The graduating cohort was 190 persons.

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