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It is rare for us to be exposed so soon in the Hurricane Season to the threat of a severe Tropical Storm but all weather predictions suggest that Tropical Storm Dennis is headed in our direction.
I have been in direct contact with the management of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management and I have been assured that they have triggered the necessary arrangement and put in place the machinery to enable us to respond should this natural disaster befall us
Previous experience has shown us how we can mitigate the effects of a hurricane by preparing in our homes, communities and throughout the nation.
I therefore call upon every Jamaican to put in place measures to protect the elderly, infirm, the disabled and the young.
Move our animals in good time to places of safety to prevent you from crossing rivers and streams to rescue them when the rains are upon us.
Our disaster management capability system has worldwide renown and recognition. The Emergency Management Committee has been summoned to a meeting at Jamaica House which is to be chaired by the Senior Minister who is in charge of the Government in my absence, the Hon. Portia Simpson Miller.
I expect all Jamaicans to be fully prepared so we can cope with Tropical Storm Dennis should it pass in our vicinity as predicted.

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