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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Carol Palmer has stressed that the media has a critical role to play in supporting the reform of the Jamaican justice system.
“The media is very critical to our legal public education thrust and of course, the drive for our successful implementation of reform has to be the media,” Mrs. Palmer explained during a recent Think Tank session at the JIS Head Office on Half-Way Tree Road.
Noting that the media is viewed as the “fourth arm of the estate of governance,” she said it was important to partner with the process and to “find a way to get on board and work with us to define its role and to help to take us forward,” in what she referred to as the “most critical reform that this nation will embark on at this time in our modern history.”
Mrs. Palmer pointed out that the reform of the justice system, which is currently underway, represents the systematic movement of “a whole system – the third arm of governance – from its 1800s status to a 21st century status,” and hence, is “the most important reform that needs to happen in this state.”
She added that “if the media fails to recognize its role in making that happen then the media would have lost the sense of responsibility that it ought to have.”
Continuing, the Permanent Secretary acknowledged that aspects of the reform have met some amount of resistance, exposing the need for people to get information. “The public needs to know why we are making these changes, as well as what are the projected benefits,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Palmer extended her appeal to all players within the sector, as well as the wider society to get on board with the reform thrust.
“The justice system is a people-operated and driven system”, she noted, adding that “the Government cannot implement the reform unless everybody gets on board.”
“It is our is what we want as a justice system that is going to happen [only] if we engage in the process,” Mrs. Palmer said.

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