JIS News

Mayor of Montego Bay, Charles Sinclair, has proposed the use of lands owned by the Council in the vicinity of Jarrett Park to be used for the development of a public swimming pool for the city.
The move comes as the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) was unable to follow through with plans to construct a swimming pool at the Catherine Hall Sports Complex.
“We at the St. James Parish Council would want to have the swimming pool as part of the whole development plan for the city. I am prepared to offer to the Urban Development Corporation that facility at Guild Club for the creation of a swimming pool,” Mayor Sinclair said.
He told JIS News that the land space at the Guild Club measures approximately 3.5 to 4 acres and can accommodate adequate parking for users of that swimming pool as well as the Jarrett Park sporting ground.
“I think Montego Bay needs it and western Jamaica needs a swimming pool of a certain quality and standard,” Mayor Sinclair told JIS News.
“I have no doubt that if we had this type of facility in Montego Bay, it would serve us well and become another recreational facility and opportunity that I am certain that the people of Montego Bay, the wider St. James, and the western region would enjoy and appreciate,” he added.

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