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Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar, Councillor Delford Morgan has described the new Savanna-La-Mar Transport Centre as a “welcomed development for the town and parish” and one which would greatly enhance the Council’s initiative of more effective traffic management across the parish.
“This transport centre has been long in coming… and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are off to a positive start, despite the few glitches, and I can only ask members of the travelling public to understand and appreciate that our motto here in Westmoreland is to ensure quality delivery of service to all,” Mayor Morgan told JIS News.
The Savanna-La-Mar Transport Centre, which was built at a cost of more than $10 million, was commissioned into service recently and was hailed by many as a step in the right direction and a positive move for the parish.
The Mayor pointed out that a number of defaults had been observed especially now that there were more consistently heavy downpour of rains.
“We have since discovered that the accumulation of rain water does not leave the compound as quickly as we would have liked but that is now being remedied. Over this weekend, we intend to do a comprehensive review of the operations as well as to do some remedial work at the centre as we seek to make it as effective and comfortable for the travelling public,” Mr. Morgan noted.
Superintendent of Roads at the Westmoreland Parish Council, Albert Stewart said the transport centre had been built on one hectare of land, to accommodate some 170 vehicles.
“The transport centre is a good move by the Council and as far as I have observed, it is working. The glitches are noted and will be attended to immediately. We have built areas for shelter, sanitary facilities, areas where persons can do advertisements and also adequate provision made for shops and stalls. We hope that this facility will serve the transportation needs of citizens well,” Mr. Stewart told JIS News.
Meanwhile, Opposition Councillor Hopeton Tulsie, while referring to the new transport centre as a positive for the parish as the previous transportation and traffic difficulties could not continue in that form, called for the reopening of some roads in the town of Savanna-La-Mar.
He observed that passengers travelling from Grange Hill to downtown were inconvenienced, when they were left in the transport centre.
“I am suggesting that the authorities institute a shuttle service from uptown to downtown to better accommodate passengers, which would see them paying less,” Councillor Tulsie told JIS News.

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