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Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie has given the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo), a two-week timeline to meet with the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) to properly address the issue of the thousands of malfunctioning streetlights within the corporate area.
“We are giving the JPS two weeks to meet with the Council,” the Mayor said, further noting that, “we have waited long enough on the JPS and two weeks is what we are giving to get a response, [along] with a comprehensive programme as to when the lights in the city will be dealt with.”
Mayor McKenzie, who was addressing the Council’s monthly press briefing held at his Church Street offices downtown Kingston, said the problem of malfunctioning streetlights had grown worse recently, and that his office was frequently inundated with public complaints of lights being out of service.
“Many of the correspondence notes that where the lights are out, a lot of criminal activities have taken place, including women being raped,” he pointed out.
He advised journalists that he had written to Charles Matthews, the Chief Executive Officer of JPSCo, requesting a meeting, but has yet to receive a response.
The primary contention that the KSAC has with the utility company, Mayor McKenzie noted, was the exorbitant monthly bill the Council had to pay despite the fact that there were many streetlights within the city that required repair.
“I want the JPS to tell us when they are going to fix the lights, how they are going to fix the lights, we need an answer from the Jamaica Public Service Company,” the Mayor stated.
Recalling that the KSAC had in the past, withheld payment to the utility company until it had repaired many malfunctioning lights, Mayor McKenzie said, “I don’t want us to have to choose to go the route that we took by saying we are not going to pay.”

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