JIS News

As Spanish Town celebrates its 474th anniversary this year, the town’s Mayor, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, is highlighting the immense tourism potential of the area and has called on stakeholders to join with the St. Catherine Parish Council in assisting in the realisation of that potential.
Mayor Wheatley told JIS News that the historic town, with its Georgian buildings and rich heritage, was an ideal destination for persons who wanted more than a sun, sand and sea vacation.
“Spanish Town has impacted on every sphere of our heritage. All seven of our heroes and heroine had something to do with Spanish Town. This speaks to the rich culture of the town and the part it has played in our history,” he said.
He informed that while the Spanish Government has shown some level of interest in re-developing the area, “we as a people have to now play our part. We cannot just rely on persons from overseas to come in and take interest in our heritage. We as a people need to play our part also.”
Dr. Wheatley said that the social challenges the town now faces should not serve as a deterrent to investment, noting that if money was not pumped into its development, then some persons would feel they have no option but to engage in criminal activities.
The Mayor said that the Council would be using Spanish Town’s 474th birthday which was held on Tuesday (July 29) to rev up efforts to develop the town and will be seeking audience with the Ministry of Tourism on the matter.