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The May Pen Hospital has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Youth Service (NYS) and Entertainment Surgery, to film a Youth Mentoring project, that will be used to help steer young people from deviant behaviours and to channel their energies into creative endeavours.
The project will engage young persons 13 to 17 years of age, living in communities close to the May Pen Hospital, in a structured mentorship programme for a minimum duration of one year, with the aim of providing direction and inspiration for academic, spiritual, social and career pursuits.
Explaining the hospital’s involvement in the initiative, Chief Executive Officer of the institution, Mrs. Nadia Numes-Howe, told JIS News that, “we made the decision that we must get more involved in our communities adjoining the hospital.”
“It is the mandate of the Ministry of Health to tackle preventable injuries. We expect the communities will have greater ownership of the May Pen Hospital, and we will see reduction, over time, in the number of preventable injuries,” Mrs. Nunes-Howe said.
For his part, Acting Executive Director of the NYS, Mr. Anthony Woodbourne, said that the MOU is about taking the nation’s young people from destruction. “If we can capture some of these potential perpetrators of crime, we will be in a better position. We are going for them, we are ready, and the NYS will not lose this race,” he emphasised.
Meanwhile, head of Entertainment Surgery, Mr. Khori Hyde, said that, “this is going to be one of the most interesting films you have ever seen. It will go deep; it’s going to look at what’s effecting the youth, and how they are going to overcome.”

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