Massive Mosquito Eradication Plan for Portmore

Mayor of Portmore, George Lee says the council will be launching a comprehensive eradication campaign in the municipality aimed at getting rid of, or drastically reducing the mosquito population in the densely populated community.

Mayor Lee said part of the strategy to be adopted will include a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Health to acquire spray equipment and train personnel to use and care these machines. This is expected to commence right after the hurricane drain cleaning exercise is completed. “After we train those persons we’re going to put them on the road that should see a serious decrease in the mosquito population,” he stressed.

Pointing to the recent strategy used by putting fish in the ponds, lagoons and waterways in and around the municipality the Mayor said there was some success with that measure.  However, because of a larger problem, that of sewage flowing into the waterways in some places, the fish cannot survive.

Also as part of the hurricane preparedness activities drains and waterways are being cleaned.  One that has already been completed is the Waterford drain, a major waterway in the Portmore municipality.           

Mayor Lee notes that with the completion of the cleaning of the Waterford drain renewed efforts will be made to replenish the fish stock especially in those areas where they had died.

“We’ll soon be complaining about the sewage situation in Portmore as it is affecting people’s health. However, [in the meantime] we will be putting some more fish in, but it can’t go in areas where the sewage situation is so bad,” he told JIS News. 


By O. Rodger Hutchinson, JIS PRO

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