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Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, John Junor, has said that the marketing of the country’s tourism industry should be segmented, as to appeal to different publics.
“Port Antonio in my view should be developed as an upscale destination and combined with green tourism because both are compatible. You usually find people who are environmentalist are not going to be the one making a lot of noise, they are mostly nature watchers,” Mr. Junor said in his contribution to the 2007/08 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday (June 26).
He added that “you need to therefore develop around Port Antonio, the attractions and the infrastructure that deals with upscale tourism. You have to put in the proper restaurant facilities because that is what these people are accustomed to.”
For Ocho Rios, he suggested that the town should ideally be marketed as a family and cruise destination and Montego Bay as an entertainment destination. “Montego Bay should become the entertainment capital of the Caribbean. It should be developed as an adult destination,” Mr. Junor said.
In terms of the island’s south coast, he said that the area should be preserved as is. “The area that has the potential in the future for greatest development but it has to be carefully managed. It is an ideal European destination and can be marketed to those persons who want to move around the countryside. All inclusive are not the best thing for that,” he noted.
In the meantime, he raised opposition to the introduction of wide-scale casino gambling in Jamaica and having casinos in hotels.
“One of the problems with that is the casino revenues are so lucrative, that what they do is to cheapen the rooms to attract people and that then impacts on the rest of your industry,” Mr. Junor argued.

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