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The Portland Jerk Festival culminated on July 6, at the Folly Estates in Port Antonio, with many persons sampling and enjoying various jerked foods.
Despite the soggy outfield, caused by early morning rain, there was a steady flow of patrons into the venue throughout the day.
There was a change in the format of the festival this year, as for the first time it was held over three days, breaking with the tradition of a one day event.
Activities began on Friday, July 4 with the official opening ceremony at the Boston playing field, and a stage show entitled, ‘A trip down memory lane’, at the Boston Beach later that evening. On July 5 there was a beach party at the Frenchman’s Cove Hotel in San San.
Regarded as the largest family festival in the country, the event on Sunday featured a number of offerings, including a supervised area for children, food stalls of every description with emphasis on ‘jerked dishes’, and a varied musical package.
Music for the occasion was provided by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, with performers such as Christopher Martin, Noddy Virtue, Sanchez, Peter Lloyd, Nighthawk and Stitchie.
In an interview with JIS News, Syble Rendle, Chairperson of the Executive Planning Committee for the Portland Jerk Festival, expressed appreciation to the patrons and sponsors for supporting the event.
Meanwhile, patrons attending the event expressed overall satisfaction with the show. They also expressed pleasure that the festival has been extended from a one day spectacle to a three-day event, adding that the longer period would allow for the staging of more events.

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