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Residents of Manchester are set to benefit from a series of initiatives aimed at stemming the incidence of crime in the parish.
The Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the Ministers’ Fraternal of Manchester and other stakeholders, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Manchester Police, as part of a crime initiative project in the parish.
Dubbed the ‘Close to Crime Initiative (CTCI),’ the four-part project involves the provision of resources to the police department in exchange for premium service standards. It is expected to go a far way in curtailing the activities of the criminals in the area, and should have far-reaching, long term effects.
In addition, a crime prevention brochure, which was compiled through the collaborative efforts of the Ministers’ Fraternal and the National Commercial Bank (NCB), was launched at the Fellowship Tabernacle in Mandeville recently.
Minister of the Ridgemount United Church, the Rev. Oliver Daley, in lauding the launch of the publication, reminded the congregation that as individuals, “we all are responsible for our personal safety.”
“There is no time for neutrality, procrastination or panic, instead, we have take action against the monster of crime. We cannot employ passive resistance and expect the problem to go away. We need to take strong action,” he stated.
He expressed the hope that “each and everyone one of us will practice what we read,” noting that the information contained in the document was well thought out.
Lamenting the increasing number of children, who are becoming victims of crime, Rev. Daley said, “there is no one interest that can touch our lives as closely as the lives of our children.”
The crime prevention brochure contains information on how vulnerable individuals such as children, parents and business people can secure themselves and their personal property, using the resources available to them.

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