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The Manchester Parish Council has organized several activities for Earthquake Awareness Week, to be observed from January 14 to 20, under the theme: ‘Prepare Now, Don’t Wait; Be Ready for the Next Earthquake’.
Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator for Manchester, Claudia Coley, informed JIS News that the activities would commence on January 14 with an earthquake awareness programme to be aired on the local cable stations in the parish.
She pointed out that the programme would be aired for two weeks. “On Monday, January 15, we will begin our Earthquake Awareness Exhibition at the Manchester Parish Library, and this will last until Friday, January 19,” she added.
Miss Coley said that schools wishing to have presentations done on earthquake awareness could contact the Manchester Parish Council at 962- 2278-9.
“For the week, I’ll be making a number of visits to schools, such as Fairfield Primary, Manchester High School, Mandeville Primary and Junior High, as well as Villa Road Primary and Junior High,” the Co-ordinator pointed out.
Miss Coley also noted that a community meeting was being planned during the week.

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