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The Manchester Police Department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce (MCOC) and several other regional civic organizations to implement the Closed to Crime Initiative, an undertaking aimed at significantly reducing the growing incidence of crime in that parish.
The MCOC believes that the safety of Manchesterians is being seriously compromised, and as a result, those responsible for the maintenance of law and order in society, should be challenged to address the issue, with the support of civil society.
This four-part initiative involves the provision of resources to the police in exchange for quality service. It should see the strengthening of the police’s capacity to prevent, or react effectively and appropriately to criminal activity in its operating area.
This speaks chiefly to the expansion of the District Intelligence Unit, the beefing up of the Motorized Patrol Unit, and the improvement of the facilities at the Investigative Unit. The installation of Closed Circuit Cameras in the town centre is also being considered as an important factor in the crime mitigation process.
However, as stakeholders in the fight against crime, the police is reminding citizens of Manchester that each person has a role to play, and that it is not merely a job for the police, or for the Ministry of National Security.
Recently, the Ministers’ Fraternal of Manchester, a senior partner in the Closed to Crime initiative (CTCI), launched a crime prevention brochure for persons in that parish.
This brochure, compiled through the concerted effort of the Ministers’ Fraternal of Manchester and the National Commercial Bank (NCB), contains vital information on how children, females and other vulnerable individuals can protect themselves, using the resources available to them.

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